Happy Drivers is a double - award winning and FREE app from Ogilvie Fleet. We have been in the automotive business for over 50 years so we focused on the one thing we do best - making drivers happy :) 

We aim to develop the ultimate driver companion app that will help, guide and support you on the road. Scroll down to learn more about the app. 

Some highlight app features:

  • Find your nearest electric car charging point
  • Looking to upgrade - sell your car
  • Know what to do in the event of an accident
  • Business car drivers can work out BiK tax
  • Find your nearest Kwik Fit tyre, exhaust and service centre

Available free to download on on Google Android and Apple iPhone.


Happy Drivers - 2nd award win. 

Source: Business CAR TECHIES AWARDS JULY 2017 

"With the number of apps available that provide interesting benefits to fleets constantly increasing, we were faced with the difficult task of identifying which one stands out and offers something better than the rest.


Although many apps came close to the top spot, Ogilvie Fleet's Happy Drivers took the crown, making it a second win for Ogilvie in our awards this year - and it's not too difficult to see why. The benefits of the app go well beyond just those for its own customers, and most competitor apps are only accessible via a personal security login for their own clients.

When users launch the app for the first time they are asked whether they are an Ogilvie Fleet customer. Depending on their selection, the content is then personalised for that driver.

The app is freely downloadable from the App Store or on iOS and provides functions including 'find my nearest' fuel station, EV charging point, car park or supermarket. The app also offers functionality specifically for fleets such as a company car BIK tax calculator as well as other information useful to all drivers such as information on efficient, winter and overseas driving." 

Full story here.

Or read more about this award win, and other Ogilvie Fleet news here



Accidents are horrible. They're usually a shock and the impact can have a burden on time, finance and even your personal health. When they do occur, it's easy to forget golden rules of getting details and whether or not you need emergency services. Our guide will help keep you right in the event of an accident.



Looking to sell your car? Get valuations for your car, online. We've introduced the 'SELL YOUR CAR' feature, powered by The Car Buying Group, which will give you a free, instant, no obligation valuation on your car. Just complete the details and you'll receive a quick-buy quotation for your vehicle. 



This one is great for UK business car drivers. It's easier than ever before to find out how much income tax you'll need to pay on your next company car with our new car selector. View BiK for the next 3 years on any new UK car and see income tax on your private fuel, too. 



We're working hard to bring a collection of useful tools together in one app - for all drivers, not just the Ogilvie Fleet car drivers. As part of our commitment to our award winning customer service, the app is freely downloadable on Android and iOS devices.


Tax Calculator

Company car drivers, regardless of who you receive your car from, it's helpful to have a reference guide for how much tax you're paying on your current company car or to check the BiK on the next business car you'd like to lease. The app is updated regularly with the latest prices and our new vehicle info tool shows income tax on private fuel!


As an Ogilvie Fleet car driver, you've got the contract hire support team at your side. For booking services, arranging MOTs, replacing tyres, exhausts and batteries or you'd like to take a trip overseas with your car, we can help. We offer information and a phone number to speak to someone who can help with all of your company car questions.  


Find your nearest...

For the green drivers, you can locate your nearest vehicle charging point or plan ahead and find a charging point at your destination. As with the EV charge point finder, you can find car parks across the UK ease with directions and helpful information about the car parks.  Now you can find your nearest Kwik Fit service centre anywhere in the UK. 


Ogilvie Fleet's award winning customer service extends to the mobile app for Android and iPhone users, too. If you've broken down, need tyre, battery or exhaust replacements, have broken glass on your company car or have been in an accident, all the emergency contact details have been listed for you.

Wear and Tear Checklist

The BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association) are the trade body for UK leasing and hire companies. They have a fair wear and tear guide used by members of the BVRLA to which drivers should adhere when returning their vehicle at the end of the lease term.  

Driving Tips

Some handy guidance for any driver on efficient driving, winter preparedness and what to remember to do in the event of an accident. Ogilvie Fleet drivers also benefit from information on taking their company car abroad. 



App Version Support information

Happy Drivers app is available, free, on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The app supports users on Google Android 4.4 or higher and Apple iOS 8 to the September 2017 release of iOS 11.  

Please use the contact form  if you have any questions or comments. 

Happy driving! 



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